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Sara T.

I purchased 12 B-12 shots from here and go every other week. Everyone who works here is extremely friendly and knows you by name. The nurse who administers the shot is very nice, personable, and gentle. The staff is very quick about getting you in and out for your B-12 shots. I have never had to wait and am literally in and out of the place within 5 minutes. The atmosphere is always clean and tidy.

The shots are fairly painless. I get them in my arm, but some prefer their butt if they are more sensitive to pain. I have been getting B12 shots for about half a year now and love them. My hair stylist believes they have helped my hair grow thicker and longer. Additionally, they help boost your mood, energy, and weight loss (if that’s what you’re going after).

Highly recommend this place for B-12 shots!

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